They stare with eyes ablaze,
a sea of faceless faces
the crowd’s anticipation
awash as notes slip out
to bounce across the crowded waves
Her body trembles in delight,
alight with a terrible fright,
while her soul bleeds out
painting the stage,
an effigy to their whims
And if it’s done well,
she’ll be welcomed
to bleed again to feed
their fevered hunger

✨Deferential Devil✨


It’s painful to hear the doubt
to see fear surfacing
as they grasp at anything,
and hope the force fed lies aren’t real
while the stark reality of it all
floats ever higher
threatening to burst free
and rain down dirty,
inevitable truths
that monsters
aren’t always made up
of complicated and tangled lies
but are instead
made from the simplest of truths

✨Deferential Devil✨


He carried me on his shoulders
and loved me through and through
I always felt important
when I saw his eyes of blue

So when the call came
and woke the dead of night
It painted a ghastly picture
of a tired mans glassy flight

The holiday became a sad one
and pain lingered every year
sometimes fading, sometimes present
but always exceptionally clear

✨Deferential Devil✨