I gave my heart many times
to have it stomped
like a fragile flower
or discarded to wilt.

My high walls dropped
for those who swore allegiance
but only to soon
my doors were kicked in.

Show me real love
and mean what you say
I promise to open my chest
and hand you my still beating heart.

✨Deferential Devil✨


I hope the only piece you need
is the missing piece of your One.

You are already whole

even if a little cracked.
When someone is the One
they add electricity,
and light a spark which can’t be
unplugged, turned off, or ignored.

Their presence within is often
impossible to describe,
and affects moods like a light switch.
To be turned on by the one
is, in fact, the best turn on.

✨Deferential Devil✨


If someone calls you a “pussy”
it’s actually a compliment.

A pussy takes a knocking,
and keeps on walking.
It can push out a few kids,
and still be fit.
When that muscle is flexed,
some feel like they’re hexed.

Next time someone calls you a pussy,
give them a shit-eating-grin, and say thanks.

✨Deferential Devil✨