It’s not the color of the windows
for which I fall,
because peeking through wispy blinds,
is a soul,
sometimes tattered, well worn,
or even a bit that’s torn
It’s not just the lovely outside
that’s lived such a life,
but the shadows and highs
the lows and the light
of a being so right which
sets my heart to flight

✨Deferential Devil✨


I hope the only piece you need
is the missing piece of your One.

You are already whole

even if a little cracked.
When someone is the One
they add electricity,
and light a spark which can’t be
unplugged, turned off, or ignored.

Their presence within is often
impossible to describe,
and affects moods like a light switch.
To be turned on by the one
is, in fact, the best turn on.

✨Deferential Devil✨