Just Your Love, Please

I don’t need an easy lay.
Nor someone who dances, or sings.
I need a man who will stay,
Who takes time to learn me,
And all the spots to make me hum.
A soul to speak to my own.

I want someone to always love,
And he to always love only me.

A special someone to know my moods.
Who picks me up whenever I fall,
Cause, honestly… I’m clumsiest of all.
Someone to chill with under the stars,
To veg on the couch, or adventure afar.

He can be himself, always, with me.
My heart is forever his
Regardless of his talents,
Or maybe, exactly, because of them.

✨Deferential Devil✨


A crisp, comfortable chill fills the night air. The gas fireplace pops and snaps like a flag in the wind, burning through blue-tinged crystals. The flames dance and leap as high as they can in their confined circle while a well-aged tree plays puppeteer to a host of lanterns. Blow its branches, multiple hues caress a manicured lawn with a soft glow.

In the distance the sun sets in pinks, purples and blues that peek through rain-heavy clouds and the river meanders languid and silent below it.

I feel most alive in this perfect moment where memories bob along the surface of my mind. Peace and comfort blanket me, as if no time had passed, as if I’d held my breath for decades. This is where I belong with my person by my side.

✨Deferential Devil✨