The walls grow smaller and close in
my mind reels in it’s darkest sin
No one else to help clear my head
while more days are spent in bed

Easily tired from days of nothing
There’s no joy in everything
Monotony kills my creative side
and all I do is sit and sigh

✨Deferential Devil✨

Word Fist

My neck and shoulders hurt
from this clenching of the jaw
body tired from fighting
against the unseen, unheard,
but definitely feared, “perhaps”
A threat of violence lingers,
tense and realized,
muscles taught and ready
while air squeezes from tired lungs
from words that suffocate and strike
as hard as a pounding fist

✨Deferential Devil✨

Tell Me

How does one settle
after a life of flight or fight
To finally learn self-worth,
with boundaries so strict
an army couldn’t penetrate

How does one live
without fear of destructive ‘love,’
fear of painful and swift reprisal,
crippling self-doubt, and self-hate

How to sleep after it all…
Tell me there is a balance
between the former darkness
and the newest light
so the pendulum swing isn’t so extreme

✨Deferential Devil✨


I think one of the most profound
and disturbing indications
of systemic racism in America,
is the notion that black people
must march en masse, in protest
during a horrific pandemic
all to make a point
to racists and blind-spotting whites.

✨Deferential Devil✨

Rare Heart

Unlucky hearts grow black
as time withers their beats
Most beat a plump red,
the dull thrum of an ordinary life
But gold lines the veins of the rare
their energy an encompassing vibration
It colors their world, enticing
the rarest heart of all,
one that sees beyond a shiny finish
to love and nurture
instead of siphon and wither

✨Deferential Devil✨